Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"There is No Problem Without a Solution!"

For, "there is no problem without a solution". Problems and solutions follow each other like night and day.

Maybe it should be more accurate to say that problems and solutions co-exist. Or that they search for each other like two eager lovers or Siamese twins who must urgently be joined back together.

And the individual mind's job is to join them together: this is achieved mainly through the repetition of affirmations and through visualizations i.e. seeing yourself as you are AFTER you have received what you want.

If there is a problem, there is a solution

If there is a west, there is an east

If there is a south, there is a north

If there is an up, there is a down

If there is a right, there is a left

The solution always exists. But where is it? How to find it?

See yourself as having already obtained it. You have it. What do you feel now?

Keep on visualizing, detailing all your feelings, emotions ...

This will very quickly, much more quickly than you think, become reality

And this is where the problem and the solution find each other - like a mother and child reunited
Your only job is to help the problem and the solution find each other, which they are eager to do, because they were one, once upon a time - and they got separated through the vicissitudes of life

Once re-united, the problem and the solution are so happy that they reward the "problem-solver" (or facilitator or solution-finder) with happiness. That's why problem-solvers are always happy people (as you may easily have guessed :-)

Of course, to reach the solution, you must also do a little bit of what people usually call "work", but if you do it with the right mindset, it won't even feel like "work".

This comes under "faith" and "purpose" in Amsall's "Success Mindset Tripod"


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