Monday, January 03, 2005

Amsall's Success Mindset Ezine

It's been such a long long time. Never mind, I've been thinking about you all the time, dear reader :-).

In fact I have been putting together my new ezine, called, guess what... Amsall's Success Mindset Ezine, which, to my mind, is quite an appropriate name, since I like to call myself "Success Mindset Philosopher", even though some people prefer to call me "Success Mindset Strategist".

I'm also working very hard on my soon-to-be-published "Success Mindset" book. So you better get ready for when it hits the Market :-)

I have been also very busy networking. By the way, if you really want to meet some nice people, I think you should join Ecademy, LinkedIn, and Ryze. Just say Amsall sent you :-)

I've also been catching up with my reading (Priyah Shah and others), signed up for T.L.Takii Pierce's "How to blog for fun and profit". This guy is fast becoming the #1 "Blogging Guru". If you've been on the marketing scene for any length of time, you must've heard of his Brother, Stephen Pierce, a real genius, author of "Under Oath: The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth About Internet Marketing." (ClickBank says about Stephen Pierce " would be wise to listen to everything he has to say."). T.L.Takii Pierce is going to be "the Stephen Pierce of Blogging".

Now, remember to sign up for my (your) new ezine, I 'm sure you'll like it, well, who doesn't want success, anyway :-). All about Success Mindset - tips, advice, articles, quotes, the best books, tapes, CD's , you name it...

So, sign up fast, I'll meet you there, or here again very soon, much sooner than you think!

To sign up, just CLICK the following link:
Amsall's Success Mindset Ezine, and join the group.

CHECK OUT THESE LINKS, you'll be glad you did!:

A.M.Sall's site!

James Allen
Mike Brescia


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