Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Back to life!

I haven't posted for quite some time!
But, no problem, I'm back, and very much so

I am just revisiting my very first post, it has grown a little bit dusty, but I guess it's still ok.
Anyway, it puts me "back in the mood", and I can go on from here, more regularly... I hope

In the mean time, I have translated about half a million words!

I've also launched a Cyber Cafe (a more or less successful attempt at what they call "Multiple Streams of Income :-)

MPP has somehow grown fatter - more about that in future postings

Other news: my 3 new sites and other blog will soon be out

1. on "Global Communication", which is just a fancy name for "Translation" :),

2., on "the marketing of translation services", where I teach my younger colleagues how to sell themselves and market their translation service - if you remember, I have been a professional translator for well over 30 years (since 1972)

3., which will be subtitled "The Official Site of A.M.Sall"

4. "the translator power blog"

O.K, now let's go back about 2 years

Here goes:

A.M.Sall's Motivational and Inspirational Ramblings

Contradiction in terms: how can anyone be motivated or inspired by RAMBLINGS?

Answer: anybody who wants to be motivated and inspired will be motivated and inspired.

Anyboby who doesn't want etc, etc......:-)

Have you noticed that I call myself a philosopher?, just like Jim Rohn is a BUSINESS Philosopher!

My name, "A.M.Sall" is simply pronounced "Ay - Em - Sall". You can even just call me "Ay - Em".

The reason I want my name to be easily pronounceable and "rememberable" is I am very soon going to be extremely famous on the Net, and having a name that reads "Wchyttiozporfaiunllmyzviatruokk" will put unnecessary stress on my soon-to-be innumerable fans :-).

If you don't believe me, then you haven't read Napoleon Hill ("Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve"), or Earl Nightingale (“We become what we think about”), plus a few of my own articles (!).

Now, if you keep "shaking your head in utter disbelief" and saying that I can't do it, I'll grab the opportunity to shoot back with these cool words by Walter Bagehot: "The greatest pleasure in life is doing the things that people say we cannot do"!

OK, I am a "success mindset philosopher". I am passionately interested in the mindset of successful people - I am a huge fan of the great Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Dale Carnegie, James Allen, Barnum, a coupla "wisemen" from Africa, the Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Confucius, Lao Tseu, Sun Tzu, Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba (a Holy Man from Senegal), Shaaban Robert (Tanzanian Poet), Rabindranath Tagore (great Indian Poet), Martin Luther King, Jr., and many, many others, including Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Oprah Winfrey (she really knows how to COMMUNICATE, that one), Priya Shah (The "New Goddess of Internet Marketing"), Mike Brescia (of ThinkRightNow! fame, of course, you know him, who doesn't!), etc...

This is what I call "My Personal Pantheon" (MPP). Mind you, MPP is not - and will never be - "closed". If you feel you are a highly successful person, you can always contact me with your "credentials" so that I can include you in this awesome company :-). Imagine "rubbing shoulders" with SUCH PEOPLE!

I've studied so many great people that I feel NOW is the time to "do my own thing" before it's too late - after all I am 62 (yes, sixty-two) years old. According to my calculatiions, I still have about 400,000 hours to live. Taking out around 60% for sleeping and other similarly useful activities like eating, "just sitting, doing nothing" etc...I have about 160,000 hours to finish whatever it is I have to complete.

Talking about "doing my own thing", as you know (do you, really), I am a professional translator, have been for over 30 years. The thing is I really got sick and tired of translating other people's thoughts. Couldn't I "think" for myself? Wasn't I able to "think my own thoughts? Couldn't I "do my own thing"?

Anyway, I have started a coaching business, based on a little bit of (mainly self) training, a lot of reading, listening and observing, my "universally recognized wisdom", but much more and above all on my life experiences - after all I have done a lot more than simply translating other people's thoughts and ramblings.

I speak about 12 languages (note the "about") and in this blog, you'll probably come across quotations in strange languages, which I will only translate if I feel like it (did I tell you I was fed up with TRANSLATING other people's thoughts :-)

I have travelled a lot, I was once a teacher, in fact a language teacher (French, English, Spanish), I once was a professional musician - a famous guitar-player, actually. I even served as a diplomat in London back in the 70's (I lived in Abbey Rd., remember the Beatles?).

I lived in East Africa for quite some time, working as a teacher and translator, with the then O.AU. (Organization of African Unity).

I taught French at Grimsby, in Lincolnshire, England (I sometimes hear about their soccer team on the BBC). That was the place where I first experienced being a member of a "visible minority" (that's a nice Canadian expression). I must say in my case it wasn't an altogether unpleasant experience, even when my English girl friend said to me one day: "You're very nice, AFTER ALL". I found those last two words rather puzzling, to say the least. What did she mean by "after all"? After what? All sorts of questions I asked myself and her, too. Eventually I calmed down. Of course I was young then, still in my 20's. Now I perfectly understand that a man of a different "race", color, and culture is bound to look and maybe sound just that, i.e. different, at least superficially. Deep inside, we are all the same. I am now totally convinced that the deeper you go, the more alike we are.

But all this carries us pretty far afield from "motivation", "inspiration" and "success mindset",

I guess that's what you must be saying to yourself. Well, when you decide to read words that are deliberately called "ramblings" by their very author, you know what you're letting yourself in for :-)

Anyway, see you very soon, maybe sooner than you think :-)

P.S. Have you noticed the inordinate number of "I's" in this post :). Well, this is MY blog, and I will use as many "I's" as I want, whatever my brothers-and-sisters-in-marketing may say!


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