Monday, September 27, 2004

Set Your Goals and Achieve

"Things might have been worse"

This is the most powerful, dynamic, revolutionary statement you could ever make in your life.

If your "present" is better than it might have been, then there is no reason why your "future" should not be better than your "present" (please read this sentence again :-).

The only difference is that NOW YOU KNOW, and this is what makes your situation so powerful, so dynamic, so revolutionary, so excitingly full of proactivity: you can decide, you can make choices, set goals and work to achieve your goals.

You are no longer groping in the dark and whatever you decide for yourself will come to pass.

Your future is a heavily pregnant lady and you don’t need an obstetrician, because YOU are the obstetrician - not just any obstetrician, but the most powerful obstetrician that ever was.

All the kids are yours and YOU can decide what they are going to be. This is a terribly exciting story, and you are the superhero.

One more time:
"Things might have been worse"

Remember Ole' Confucius? "I was complaining that I had no shoes till I met a man who had no feet."

Your comments on this?

One of these days, I'll be rambling about GRATITUDE - if things are better than they might have been, then surely we have something to be grateful about, don't we?


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