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T&I Business: Translation World Records

Considering how the world's history of translation is tied so closely to the world's religious history, it should come as no surprise that several of the world records for translation are tied to religion. Here are a few:

Language world records in translation

**Interestingly enough, most of the conference is "simultaneously synchronized" in 94 different languages as most of the speakers have submitted their talks/sermons for written translation by professional and semi-professional translators (or the interpreters themselves) prior to the conference. This prior translation means that many of the "interpreters" can read most of the talks in synchronized timing with the speakers. That said, translation is not complete for all 94 languages before the conference begins, and much is still said "on the fly" during the conference, which must then be simultaneously interpreted by volunteer linguists for attendees and the live worldwide broadcast.

Financial world records in translation

See additional financial information on public translation companies here.

Are you aware of any additional world records in the field of translation and interpretation? Or should an of the information above be corrected? If so, please comment, and then subscribe above via email or RSS so that you are notified when the list is updated again.

Last updated May 29, 2009

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Blogger tariq14639 said...

I found the translation very helpful, but there are a few things I’d change. For the first line, “The flesh is sad, alas, *and* I’ve read all the book.” A small thing, but it gets across better the idea that he’s jaded, both body and mind. I don’t think he’s fleeing to *where* the birds must be drunk; he says “I feel birds must drunk to be…” Meaning, I think, that the birds want to fly just as he does. I’m not sure why she has the steamer “rocking” rather than balancing its masts. “Heave anchor” is a strange expression; “weigh anchor” would be better. And I don’t think the ennui is *bereft of* cruel hopes– I think it’s *heartbroken by* cruel hopes.

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